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Lowongan Kerja Terbaru Electrical technician untuk GASCO UAE

Lowongan Kerja Luar Negri terbaru Electrical Technician untuk GASCO, Untuk lebih jelasnya bisa di check di

Job Details

Position:         Electrical Technician

Job Description:

The Electrical Technician reports to the Electrical Supervisor/Senior Technician. He receives work assignments, briefing and guidance from senior section and engineering personnel, and plans and arranges the manpower and material assigned for the job and prepares these for the day’s activities. He receives the PTW from the senior section and engineering personnel and executes the job in a safe and effective manner. He ensures that the High and Low Voltage equipment released, is safe for normal operation and attends/requests toolbox meetings wherever essential to ensure safe execution of a job.
·         To carry out preventive maintenance activities based on Maximo work orders, and carry out skilled maintenance, repair and testing of electrical equipment.
·         To participate in the assigned plant shutdown activities and ensure timely completion of job activities.
·         To isolate and energize LV and HV motors and accept electrical permit to work.
·         To comply with all company Health, Safety and Environment as well as Work Permit, policies and procedures.
·         To provide work direction and instruction to the contractor craftsman.
·         To verify completed maintenance activities and ensure that the job is performed as per requirement and complete the maintenance activity sheet.
·         To collect technical data from the field if requested by senior technician/area engineer.
·         To provide On Job Training to meet Competency Based Training programs for UAE Nationalization.
·         To provide input for the preparation of Method statements and Initiate Near miss reports.
·         To identify areas for improvement in the activities performed and assist the senior section personnel to carry out modifications and improvements to the system.
·         To carryout visual inspection and be vigilant to identify any developing problem in the area assigned, and report any problems to relevant supervisor.
·         To participate in Emergency Response duties as a team member.
·         To ensure the integrity and reliability of electrical system/equipment, in view of equipment age and obsolescence.
·         Diploma – Technical Related
·         5 Years Experience

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Lowongan Kerja Terbaru Mechanical Technician untuk GASCO UAE

Lowongan Kerja Luar Negri terbaru Mechnaical Techncian untuk GASCO UAE. Check it out ... GASCO sekarang lagi project HABSHAN 5yang kapasitasnya sama dengan existing. Sekarang masih tahap konstruksi dan diharapkan 2013 sudah commissioning. seilahkan di check di

Job Details

Position:         Mechanical Technician 

Job Description:

The Mechanical Technician reports to the Mechanical Supervisor/Senior Mechanical Technician depending on his assigned Plant Division and Department. His main areas of responsibility involve the maintenance of major rotating equipment such as Gas Turbines, gas compressors, turbo expanders, blowers, diesel prime movers, pumps, valves and fin fan coolers.
·         To perform and participate in the preventive, corrective and troubleshooting mechanical maintenance activities of the plant equipment, Gas Turbines and Compressors
·         To attend Toolbox meetings to establish scope of work activities such as safety requirements, permits to work, special tools and materials
·         To operate, repair and perform functional testing of tackle and lifting equipment, to the recognized standards
·         To comply with all company Health, Safety and Environment as well as Work Permit, policies and procedures
·         To troubleshoot, identify and isolate faulty components, on Rotating, Gas Turbine and Compressor equipment, using P&IDs, manufacturers’ manuals, drawings and diagrams
·         To identify spare parts required for maintenance work, from manufacturers’ drawings and spare parts lists
·         To perform shutdown maintenance repair and overhaul on all rotating and static equipment, including Gas Turbines and Compressors
·         To participate in condition monitoring checks on machinery, and notify any malfunctions or defects to the immediate supervisor
·         To be a member of the Engineering Emergency & Fire Backup 24 hour roster team, for performing ship connection & disconnection and safety support duties
·         To observe operation of all equipment during routine activities for abnormalities, and report any defects to relevant Supervisor.  
·         Diploma – Technical Related
·         5 Years Experience

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Lowongan Kerja Terbaru Laboratory Assistant (Receptionist) untuk ADCO UAE

Lowongan Kerja Luar Negeri - Middle East terbaru di ADCO, Silahkan di check untuk detailnya. bisa klik disini:

Job: IRC16891


Job Title
Organization Name
Corporate Compliance

Department Description

The Abu Dhabi Company for Onshore Oil operations (ADCO) functions throughout onshore development sites as well as in the shallow coastal waters of Abu Dhabi.
The Company was incorporated in 1978 to oversee operations in onshore concession areas covering approximately 21,000 square kilometers including five of the most important mainland oilfields in the region. During the first quarter of 2006, the inauguration of the North East BAB has been started.
Brief Description
Carry out reception services at ADCO Central Laboratories by receiving and logging the samples. Ensures the safe handling of samples and hands them over to the concerned parties. Receives lab visitors, answers their inquiries, issues visitor’s passes and directs them to appropriate offices.
Detailed Description
·     Understands and promotes the company’s health, safety and environmental policy and objectives; performs work in accordance with the company’s established rules, regulations and approved procedures; intervenes to stop unsafe acts and practices; and is accountable for the well being and safety of own self and others, including all contracted labor force – unskilled, semiskilled, and skilled.
·     Plans, directs and actively participates in the ongoing training and development of own self.
·     Receives samples at Laboratory reception in Mussafah. Handles and logs all in/out samples.
·     Hand over the samples to the concerned parties in order to conduct analytical testing within time.
·     Receives visitors to the lab reception and answers their inquiries relating to availability of staff to be visited.
·     Ensures that all visitors without appointment should have approval from concerned employee to enter.
·     Handles external and internal phone calls, answers inquiries from visitors about Company telephone numbers and location of offices of staff, and arranges appointments as requested.
·     Issues various types of temporary cards to employees, visitors such as ADNOC and its group company, Shareholders, VIPs and other general visitors and enter the details into the computer system for time attendance reason.
·     Receives sorts, registers and distributes incoming mail.
·     Maintains all relevant records and prepares reports as required by supervisor and assist with record-keeping activities.
·     Arranges for transportation for lab personnel and/or chemicals/materials.
·     Coordinates with ESNAAD for any required maintenance.
  • Performs any other related duties as and when required at the company’s discretion.
Job Requirements
·    Completion of Secondary education (12 years) followed by short term office administration/Secretarial courses.
·     Basic knowledge of lab chemicals terminology and safely handling.

Work Experience                         
·     2-3 years experience as office administration.
·     Good interpersonal and customer focus skills.
·     Time Management - Managing one's own time and the time of others.
·     Communication Skills.
·     Multi-tasking skills.
·     Good knowledge of English.

·     Active Listening.
·     Being polite, cooperative, dependable, loyal, honest, detail-oriented, and self-motivated.
·     Work flexibility.
Physical Demands             
Work Environment
·     Minimal – regular sitting and keyboard use for up to 90% of the work day.
·     Pleasant – Air conditioned office
Additional Details
Financial Context                                                                                                 
Operating Budget       ($million USD)
Nature of budgetary control

Capital Budget            ($million USD)
Nature of budgetary control

Contracts Value          ($million USD)
Nature of budgetary control

Operational Context                                           
Latitude of Operation
·     Work is governed by standard procedures and practices.
Work Interfaces
·     Daily contacts with visitors (including Government Officials) and lab Personnel at all levels.
Key Accountabilities
Handling and logging samples, Communicating with people and representing the organization internally and externally.

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Lowongan Kerja Terbaru Instrument Technician untuk GASCO UAE

Lowongan Kerja Luar Negri - Middle East terbaru untuk GASCO UAE Intrument Technician
Check it out.... Bagi yang berminat gabung di GASCO silahkan di check di, mungkin untuk kedepannya mereka mebutuhkan karyawan yang agak lumayan banyak untuk project baru '' HABSHAN 5''

Job Details

Position:         Instrument Technician 

Job Description:

Reports to respective Instrument Supervisor/Senior Instrument Technician. Receives work assignments after briefing and proper guidance from the assigned Senior Instrument Technician and/or Instrument Engineer. Responsibilities include working with Digital Governor controls, PLC systems, Microprocessor controls and various conventional pneumatic & electronic Instruments, all of which require the ability to read & understanding engineering drawings such as P & IDs, loop drawing, ladder logic and block & functional diagrams.
·         To perform preventive, corrective and diagnostic maintenance on the process control systems and control loops
·         To remove, dismantle, overhaul/repair and install electric, pneumatic, electronic or hydraulic control system such as control valves and actuators, recorders, measuring and recording instruments in the field or in the workshop
·         To perform preventive and emergency maintenance on all equipment on site, as well as during machine scheduled or unscheduled shutdowns
·         To perform modification of control circuits and/or control loops as per the plant change requests and update all related plant drawings to reflect the actual changes
·         To assist other sections such as electrical, mechanical and workshop in the repair and troubleshooting of their instrument and electronic related systems and test equipment
·         To perform upgrade and retrofitting of new control instruments to the existing panels in the field and main control room
·         To comply with all company Health, Safety and Environment as well as Work Permit, policies and procedures
·         To input data into the MAXIMO maintenance system, such as work order activities, materials and spares, failure reports and manpower statistics
·         To perform regular calibration and maintenance of all safety, fire and gas equipment such as gas monitors, H2S monitors, smoke detectors and heat detectors to conform to #6
·         To troubleshoot, repair, calibrate and test various types of process control instruments and relay logic, which include pneumatic, electrical and electronic instruments
·         To maintain the majority of instruments in an efficient and reliable condition, taking into account the age and obsolescence of the plant equipment. 
·         Diploma – Technical Related
·         5 Years Experience